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Paw to Portrait Size Guide for Custom Oil Paintings

Our size guide will give you an indication of the size of each portrait.  We have found from experience that these sizes are the most popular and aesthetically pleasing.  

Our small size painting is appropriate for a maximum of 2 pets/subjects. Medium size painting can have up to 3 pets/subjects and the large and huge sizes can both have up to 4 pets/subjects. 

We can frame all of our paintings except the huge size.  We are unable to guarantee the delivery of the popular huge size framed to all regions.  We can delivery the huge size rolled and recommend that you have it framed by a professional local framer. 

If you would like a custom size that we do not have displayed please contact us at and we will be able to help you. 




Huge 90 x 120 36 x 48
Large 60 x 90 24 x 36
Medium 50 x 60  20 x 24
Small 30 x 40  12 x 16


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